Bigfoot Research in North - South Carolina
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Field Research
is what we are all about. We are Independent Bigfoot Field Researchers living in the Carolina's with a passion for the outdoors.  As a Fly-Fisherman and Backpacker for the past 30 years; I have been to some of the most remote corners of the South-East.  My quest is simple; to enjoy the great outdoors while examining the bizarre encounters that others and I have witness and observed.  We do not claim to be Bigfoot experts but we are experts in the outdoors who look at "all the evidence" no matter how strange or foreign. Join me on CBFR as we travel to some of the most beautiful places in South-East investigating this age old legend and mystery.
 If you or someone you know has had a strange encounter with a Bigfoot or other unknown creature in the Carolina's or Eastern Georgia; you're not alone! Please contact us so we can share your story and add  it to our ever growing database of Carolina Encounters.  Your Privacy is always assured!

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October 14th, 2017

Will be giving a presentation about our research at the

 Bigfoot Lecture Series & Festival

in Cumnock, NC

Please join CBFR on October 14th at the Bigfoot Lecture Series & Festival in Cumnock, NC.  We will be discussing some of our ongoing research and sharing some never before seen video! Looking forward to seeing old and new friends and sharing all things Big for a good cause! See you there!


 The pictures below represent some of the Best Thermal camera pictures around. Most of these are stills from 30fps video. These have been collected over the past few years on CBFR research expeditions in NC, SC & GA. Some of these have never been released to the public before as we are actively still investigating the circumstances surrounding what was captured.  I am not saying this is Bigfoot, Sasquatch or any other unknown Cryptid. What I will say is that due to the conditions, terrain and privacy of uncontaminated private land we are 99.9% sure none of these pictures are a human being as we may know them. More video from these stills will be released as it is reviewed. Thanks for your interest!

CBFR Video/Photo Credits:  Kristen Payton, David Pardue & Dave Moser


September 4, 2016 on the SC/GA border will go down in my book as one of the most terrifying things to have happen to me while searching the woods of the South East. I have been charged at by something with glowing red eyes, heard foot falls directly behind me, had rocks thrown at me, had a hot target peek out from behind a tree after it heard me make a radio call only 40 feet away but never had something charge my tent and attempt to either get in the tent or shake the hell of it with me inside! The best part of it is I captured it all on my audio recorder about 25 feet away from my tent. I have only listened to the event a few times to verify the validity of the encounter and it's spot on with the event now relaying over & over in my brain. 

******DAVE MOSER ON MONSTER X RADIO1 Jan 2014******
My interview on Monster X Radio1 on January 12, 2014.  Had a great time talking about CBFR's Research and all things Biggie with Shane & Johnny. Check it out if you missed it! Looking forward to more chats in the future! 

******"MIDNIGHT WALKERS" blogtalkradio interview from Feb 2014******
 with Dave Moser & David Pardue
In case you missed it, on Febuary 9th, 2014 David P. and I had a great time chatting with Alex "Midnight" Walker about CBFR's research and all things Carolina Biggie! The podcast is available by clicking the link above or below.

Another great article by Dorraine Fisher & the Crypto Crew posted on 
www.cryptocrew.com  The article is about the strange Howls that were captured on February 8, 2014.  We are still not sure what was making the possible vocalization Howls but I do know it was a pretty freaky thing to witness in a  deep, dark southern swamp. Thanks Again to the Crypto Crew for sharing this in a non-biased format!

Check out this article that Dorraine Fisher & the Crypto Crew posted on  www.cryptocrew.com regarding the Uwharrie Figure I captured in January of 2013.  The topic is very interesting and controversial in the search for this Creature. While I am not saying they can cloak or disappear; the translucent figure I captured the night got lucky because of the atmospheric conditions and equipment limitations.  This may help explain some of the pictures and videos of cloaking & disappearing Biggies out there. Thanks Crypto Crew!

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