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is what we are all about. We are Independent Bigfoot Field Researchers living in the Carolina's with a passion for the outdoors.  As a Fly-Fisherman and Backpacker for the past 30 years; I have been to some of the most remote corners of the South-East.  My quest is simple; to enjoy the great outdoors while examining the bizarre encounters that others and I have witness and observed.  We do not claim to be Bigfoot experts but we are experts in the outdoors who look at, "all the evidence" no matter how strange or foreign. Join me on CBFR as we travel to some of the most beautiful places in South-East investigating this age old legend and mystery.
 If you think or know you have had a possible encounter with a Bigfoot in the Carolina's or East Georgia; your not alone! Please contact us so we can share your story and add  it to our ever growing database of Carolina Encounters.  Your Privacy is always assured!

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Join me in Welcoming David Pardue to the CBFR Team.  David has been instrumental over the past few years by collaborating with his private research in the NC area.  We have been together in some of the most inhospitable paces in the deep NC woods and have had many encounters together.  David is a former member of BFRO and expert tracker and outdoors-man and brings years of experience to our team. With his experience, drive and determination CBFR has gained a valuable partner to help in the search for this illusive creature.

Another great article by Dorraine Fisher & the Crypto Crew that was posted on their website 
www.cryptocrew.com about the strange Howls that were captured on February 8, 2014.  Still we are still not sure what was making the almost vocalization Howls I do know it was a pretty freaky thing to witness in a  deep in a dark southern swamp. Thanks Again to the Crypto Crew for sharing this in a non-biased manner!


These strange Howls were recorded on February 8, 2014 in one of our research areas on a Georgia Swamp near the SC/GA boarder.  The recording is 15 minutes long due to the intensity of the encounter which took place around 10PM. At that time we began to hear a pack of dogs; possibly hunting dogs (never saw or heard any hunters or lights form people following them) start to bark within 100-150 yards across the swamp we were camped on.  Around the 3:30 minute mark the dogs barking intensity begins to pick up most likely because they have treed whatever it was they were tracking.  You also begin to hear a loud dog like Howl close to the recorder (location was 75 yards below our camp). These Howls vary in intensity but the frequency ranges from 300 to 800Hz and occasionally higher.  Know dogs vocalize in the 350-500Hz range. What makes this Howl suspect is the frequency and structure of the vocalization.  Eventually the howler on our side of the swamp starts to head toward the group of dogs across the swamp and during this time there are also some strange scream like sounds that seem to come from the area of where the dogs are barking insanely. At times the dogs stop barking as the loud Howling animal moves toward their area.  Once the loud Howler gets close to the pack on the other side you hear some yelp like cries from the direction of the barking pack.  While listening to the encounter you can feel the intensity and suspense of the situation which was one of the most unusual things I have ever heard.  We have no idea of true nature of what we encountered that night.  My Thermal Camera is in for service so I did not have it at my disposal.  Something else of note is the grunt, gasp or whisper heard around the 1:38 minute mark, we have no idea what that was as no one was near the video recorder. 

Thanks for listening and if you have any ideas please let us know!  

******"MIDNIGHT WALKERS" blogtalkradio interview from Feb. 9th******
 with Dave Moser & David Pardue
In case you missed it David P. and I had a great time chatting with Alex "Midnight" Walker about CBFR's research and all things Carolina Biggie! The podcast is available by clicking the link above or below.

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Check out this article that Dorraine Fisher & the Crypto Crew posted on their website
www.cryptocrew.com regarding the Uwharrie Figure I captured last January.  The topic is very interesting and controversial in the search for this Creature. While I am not saying they cannot cloak or disappear the translucent figure I captured got lucky because of the atmospheric conditions and equipment limitations.  This may help explain a lot of the so called pictures and video of cloaking Biggies floating around out there. Thanks Crypto Crew!

My interview on Monster X Radio1 on January 12, 2014.  Had a great time talking about CBFR's Research and all things Biggie with Shane & Johnny. Check it out if you missed it! Looking forward to more chats in the future! 

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