We are a group of outdoorsmen. We are fishermen, hunters, backpackers & survivalists with years of outdoor experience. We leave no footprints and
when we pack it in, we pack it out. The mysteries we have encountered are what fuel us and keep us roaming the woods. With each and every expedition we get one step closer to the Discovery of a Lifetime.

As a Field Researcher I have been fortunate enough to meet and
investigate with some other really unique and interesting field researchers - some professional (paid), and others who are just like me and have a
great love for anything outdoors. My main goal in sharing my research is to stimulate families to get up off the couch, get out of the house,
and explore the world around them!  Take the kids and get away!
It's the best therapy you'll ever take part in!  

You will never know what you can discover! At the very least
you will be enjoying the Great Outdoors!

Charlotte, NC 

Surveyor - FAA Private Pilot - Red Cross CPR & First Aid Cert - Visual Tracking Cert
Fly Fishing Guide - Backpacking - Private Pilot - Herpetology - Video &  Photography
Thermography...and Tracking the elusive Sasquatch!

Since the late seventies I have backpacked and fly-fished alone...solo...by myself. Of course there are friends I occasionally fished and backpacked with but my alone time was something that was always required - a pilgrimage if you will. Family and friends always cautioned me, “Dave, it’s dangerous to go into these dark, faraway places by yourself. What if you get hurt? What if, what if…? To this day I still hear the same thing but I still do it even with the recent knowledge that there is possibly something 8 to 9 feet tall stalking about and watching your every move. You see, I'm still a skeptic to some degree for I have never seen this giant of the forest that others claim to have seen. I still find it hard to believe that something like this could exist. Perhaps these creatures have left me alone for so long because most of the time I've practiced catch & release. I'll never know. But I do know I am no longer as skeptical as I use to be. Now I know there IS something out there. But what can it be? The thrill and rush of the chase has made me temporarily lay down my fly rod and replace it with night vision gear and thermal cameras. I’ve replaced my fishing vest with a backpack containing what seems like every conceivable electronic gadget known to man. Instead of shopping Orvis and L. L. Bean, I now shop high end camera & optics stores. I dream of the latest cameras and search eBay for the newest must-have gadgets!

I departed Charlotte, NC, on October 30th of 2011 to investigate recent reports and a personal experience that happen to me in the HTD area in the mid 90’s. I was putting in 20 to 30 days a year fly fishing this river for trout and at the time dismissed the encounter as unusual but definitely explainable. A few years ago, after watching a television documentary about Bigfoot, I began to think of what had transpired years ago and realized that the uncanny similarities of my own encounter with the encounters others had experienced and attributed to Bigfoot was insane. All the years I had been alone in the woods had really never produced any type of encounter that I felt I could not explain, except one! This made me question the experiences and feelings I had on that fateful day and would prove to be life changing to say the least!

In 2008 I began researching the Bigfoot phenomenon for personal interest. It has always fascinated me ever since my Dad took me to see, “Mysterious Monsters” in the Mid 70’s. In my search for answers reading books and surfing the internet I came across the BFRO website and found myself drawn to the site not only for the wealth of information, but what seemed to be a group of like-minded individuals looking for the same answers I was looking for. I really liked their scientific approach to the whole Bigfoot phenomenon. Plus many members had boot time in the field...which is important to me. They had an excellent no B.S. forum moderated by some no non-sense guys - got to love them. I am not a poster, but did post an introduction as “flyfishidave” in case I had questions later. But I never posted because I always found the answers to my questions on my own by searching and reading the forums.

Compared to other web sites, the BFRO just seemed to be more serious in their search for the truth. Searching the reports I came across an eerily similar encounter in the same exact area as mine. For months I toyed with the idea of submitting a report. My initial thoughts were tokeep it to myself and start investigating the area on my own. But after weighing the pros and cons I decided it would be best to contact the BFRO in the hopes that they would educate me on the field investigation experience that I lacked, and possibly allow me to assist with further investigations of the target area.

In late 2009, well before Animal Planet's “Finding Bigfoot” first aired, I submitted a Class B report specifically asking that the investigator who did the original investigation of the target area contact me to discuss my report. I was first contacted in the summer of 2011 and was very impressed with the investigator's  knowledge and professional approach to his work. He made me feel at home, and the fact that he volunteered his time as a BFRO investigator really impressed me. He told me about a BFRO sponsored expedition that was scheduled for October and invited me to attend...which I did. More important was the fact that I could meet other individuals who had the same interest in this phenomenon as I did. I did my first expedition to an area on the SC/GA border solo. I wanted to experience the woods from a different perspective than I was use to. My intent was, and still is, to continue surveillance of that area and I have kept my expedition notes private so as to limit any possible contamination from thrill-seekers, bounty hunters, or would-be pranksters.

This is what lead me to my first solo expedition of the SC/GA border in early October, 2011. After my findings I knew it would not be my last. I got to meet a great group of people with similar interests. Since then I have had the good fortune to investigate with more than a few BFRO members and private researchers like myself and appreciate their friendships and their willingness to share their knowledge. I look forward to years of future research and the opportunity to contribute and to educate people who have no idea of what I have witnessed over the past few years in the woods.

Summerfield, NC 

David has been involved with Bigfoot/Sasquatch field research for over 10 years. He has investigated numerous sighting reports throughout the Southeast. David takes his research seriously and is well respected in the Bigfoot community for both his insight and unique ability to separate the truth from the over exaggerated.

David is a relatively new member to CBFR, but is no stranger to the Bigfoot community, serving as a field investigator for the BFRO for nearly seven years. David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CBFR.

David begins, “I have seen and heard a lot in my 10 years both in the field, and in my personal research and data I’ve collected. At the end of the day, my job is to gather the facts of a potential encounter and provide the witness with my expert opinion.”

When asked how he determined the validity of the witness interview, he simply said “Extraordinary stories require extraordinary evidence.”

David is an accomplished tracker, an outdoorsman, experienced fisherman, avid backpacker, and hunter of small and large game. He is extremely family oriented and enjoys making the most of his time with his family. He laughed, “My family comes first, but Bigfoot is a close second.”

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