For the latest in Bigfoot News CBFR turns to BIGFOOT RESEARCH NEWS. This site is jammed packed with the latest news regarding our big hairy friend.  Check it out there is always something new happening in the world of Mr. Bigs! 


Shane Corson & Johnny Bigfoot host Monster X Radio weekly on blogtalkradio.  CBFR's own Dave Moser has been a guest on the show.  This is great radio show to keep up with all the latest in Bigfoot Research, Cryptids & Paranormal phenomenon. Love this show and the hosts are actually down to earth great guys and friends of CBFR!



Alex "Midnight" Walker's Southeastern Bigfoot Coalition (MWSBC); this site has some awesome audio clips and interesting theory's that have really made me think outside the box!  Hey and I haven't even mention the SE conference that Alex & Arla hosted in January of 2013! Looking forward to many more SE conferences in the years to come.  Besides the research and conference Alex has one of the Best radio shows around called Midnight Walkers Radio on blogtalkradio weekly! CBFRs own Dave Moser was a guest on the show in early 2014 and shared the CBFR vision and what then group's goals are in 2014. 


Midnight Walkers Radio


Leigh Culver and the Enigma Research Group (ERG) members have been a great help to me and my team members over the past few years.  They have an excellent web site packed full of great information.  They also teach courses geared toward SAR and a course on Visual Tracking with an emphasis on tracking the elusive Sasquatch.  I recommend the course to anyone wanting to take their field knowledge to the next level.  AAAA++++


David Paulides web site;  North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) is beyond a doubt one of the Best sites out there.  There is a wealth of information on this site that is available to any researcher willing to take the time to explore the pages and pages of research that he and his group have made available.  And I haven't even mentioned that David is the author of the, "Missing 411" books!  If you have not heard about this interesting set of books (now 3 volumes), maybe you have been missing!  


Missing 411 Links


The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - BFRO is the site that I initially did a lot of my research on years ago. Thanks to Matt Moneymaker and his group of volunteers for their Sighting Data Base and Expeditions the organization hosts every year around the country.  A good web site to focus on the basics of what, when, where and how Bigfoot's do what they do! 




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