Welcome to the North Carolina Encounters page. The story's on this page have been collected by myself and others and have been investigated in person or through a personal phone interview.  While we may not share the same views or beliefs as or witnesses we try to present the facts as stated and let them tell their story without judgement. We do the utmost to protect the privacy of our witnesses & their location.  Most of the encounters we have investigated are on private property and the locations given are in general. 

If you or someone you know has had an encounter please be sure to fill out a SIGHTING REPORT FORM and share your story so we can add it to our database. The information shared will aid in the research of these creatures so we may have a better understanding of the areas they travel through and habituate.

NC-Rockingham County - Bow Hunters Strange Encounter

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NC-Guilford County - Two Girls observe a large creature cross in front of their car

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NC-Guilford County - Large Footprint found/Man has multiple encounters over a number of years - Cast Pictures Attached

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